In 2004, Schuyler Eddy launched a residential design/build business with a name, Sound Builders, almost as confusing as his own.

This unusual name came to me while I was working as a carpenter apprentice in northern California. “The art of building” was my employer’s motto, but when my colleagues kept joking about how the motto should read “The art of billing”, I began to worry. And for good reason. About six months after I left, the company abruptly shut down, leaving both their clients and employees high and dry.

The idea behind Sound Builders is a simple one. Just as a lumber mill stamps the word “Sound” on lumber cleared for structural use, you should be able to trust a builder to follow the design and conform to codes. You’d also like to know that your builder will stick to the budget and the schedule, forgoing the laundry list of excuses so often heard on a construction site.

While I maintain my license as a general contractor here in Denver, CO, the projects I’m proudest of involve custom woodworking. Over the years, I’ve designed and crafted everything from a timber frame barn to one of a kind furniture pieces.

As the photos within this site (hopefully) demonstrate, I’m passionate about handcrafting custom woodwork that delights your eye and creates an elegant and enduring legacy for your family. The workmanship in each project is a source of great pride and echoes our name, Sound Builders.






1. Free from defect, decay, or damage: sound lumber. 2. Having a rm basis: unshakable.
3. Free from logical aws: sound reasoning.
4. Thorough; complete: a sound assessment.
6. Worthy of con dence: trustworthy.
7. Showing common sense and good judgment: levelheaded.